With the right tiles, the space is superior

2023-08-04 15:51

In the decoration of home space, the color matching of ceramic tiles is always an important part of the overall appearance level of the home. Precise collocation, on the one hand, can make the style of the home space more clear, on the other hand, also reflects the life taste of the home.

Refer to the following ceramic tile color matching scheme

Dress the way you do, make no mistake.

Create a simple space

No color system collocation use

Ideal for creating simple Spaces

Choose black, white and gray tiles when decorating

You can hardly go wrong with any proportion, right

In three colors

It doesn't matter what the main color is


Create a warm space

Beige tile with warm texture

It will be more warm and comfortable in space applications

Casual lay-up can be matched with a variety of stylish and elegant soft clothing

The varied beige texture

Create a different elegant taste for the space

Create quiet Spaces

Raw wood colored tiles

It can give people a feeling of calm and stability

Use wood grain brick as a hard base for the home space

I was close to nature at once

Instantly reassuring and comfortable

Give a light and cheerful association