Choose diamond tile or polished tile?

2023-08-04 18:03

There are many types of tiles sold on the market, common diamond tiles and polished tiles, etc., different tiles have different appearance and texture, consumers can choose the right tile according to the place of placement. First, polished brick and diamond tile appearance is bright atmosphere, it is difficult to distinguish the two from the appearance only.

Polished brick and diamond tile in the color difference, polished brick tile surface of various colors between the difference is not too intense, but the full glaze is not restricted, red, black, yellow, blue and violet no doubt. Polished brick color compared to a single, there is not much change, glazed brick is printed after the dappled glaze, the color should be gorgeous.

The difference between polished brick and diamond tile in the grain, in the grain, the grain of polished brick can not be very small, and the full glaze can be the same fine grain as a needle and thread. Second, polished bricks are better than the quality of the use, although the pattern is not so beautiful, but polished bricks are burned twice, in front of the ground than the column of 1:1, that is, the surface and the low are each half, with ten years of grinding the above layer, and the whole glazed surface only one surface is the pattern, the others are the bottom, although it is the same. Tile purchase tips

1. Look at flatness. Put two bricks of the same variety face to face overlap together, the four corners are aligned, turn one of them, the quality is poor if it is easy to turn, and the other is good.

2, look at the finish. This is an important index to detect the quality of polished bricks. The protective wax on the surface of the polished brick is cleaned with a soft cloth or reagent, placed under the light or sunlight, and viewed at an Angle of 45 degrees, the brighter the surface, the better.

3. Listen to the sound. With hard objects, the clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better the quality.

4, look at the water absorption rate. Pour a small cup of water on the back of the brick body, the faster the water disappears, the higher the water absorption rate, the more loose the texture, the weaker the strength, and vice versa. No matter what kind of tile you choose, you should pay attention to the overall beauty, so that it will be more beautiful.