What kind of tile is more popular in the market?

2023-08-04 18:16

Grasp the sales market to grasp the demand of the market can continue to be old and new, continue to improve the ability to promote new products, new product supporting facilities design plan with the implementation of the actual effect, a large number of people have mastered this well-known brand of ceramic tile. So, what kind of tiles are popular. 1. Out-of-date color: Gray Gray, as a neutral color, how to take the color is not outdated, whether it is the wall, or the floor tile, are thick plastic arts. In the era of industrial style, more and more people are just beginning to choose retro style. Simple gray, retro chic vibe, second-hand house decor designed to give an emotional touch. The practical effect of many aspects of a stone highlights the sense of course of the interior space, antique style, so that fashion into the home, of course, the color, not outdated gray cement brick. 2, in the case of cold colors, everyone loves that kind of shining color, colorful surface color, in many of the tiles that attract attention here, the warm color of the mild matte color has just begun to move towards everyone's sight, the mild warm color system, of course, comfortable, antique ceramic tile cloth paper tile integration sales market development trend must be, to the market, the style of the well-known brand of ceramic tile, Presented in the delicate grain here, mixed with the actual effect of matching, so that the family environment has a different expression effect, fashion beautiful and generous.